Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New bus lines will connect Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.

Vietnam will launch three new bus routes connecting Vietnam, Laos and Thailand in a bid to promote trade and tourism opportunities among the three Southeast Asian nations.
The three cross-border routes are:
1. Bangkok – Nakhon Phanom (Thailand) – Thakhek (Laos) – National Highway (NH) No. 12A – Ho Chi Minh Highway – NH No.15 – Ha Tinh Province (Vietnam).
2. Bangkok – Nakhon Phanom (Thailand) – Thakhek (Laos) – NH No.13 – NH No.18 – NH No.1 – Ha Tinh Province (Vietnam).
3. Mukdahan (Thailand) – Savannakhet (Laos) – NH No.9 – Dong Ha – NH No.1 – Hue – Da Nang (Vietnam).
New international bus routes will benefit from the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community. 
Authorities from the three countries have reviewed the first route from Bangkok to Ha Tinh Province, and the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam, in cooperation with its Thai and Lao counterparts, will review the two remaining routes in the near future.
A date for the new bus routes has yet to be announced, and nor have ticket fares.
Thailand is the first country without a border with Vietnam to share an international bus route. Vietnam currently operates international bus routes connecting Laos, Cambodia and China.

Vietnam to launch international bus routes to Thailand

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