Sunday, July 3, 2016

New Space X first class suites built for high-flying couples...
First class has already evolved from plush seats to private suites and even a three-room Residence, so what's next..?
How about a 'super suite' which goes from being your lounge room above the clouds to a meeting room, restaurant-style dining room and even a double bed so you can snooze with your partner or stretch out in style?
This is the 'Space X' first class concept from Jamco and  Japanese designer Satoshi Wada, the same team behind the Space X business class seat (below).

And like its business class sibling, the Space X first class suite is based on a modular and flexible design.
Wada says his focus in the Space X cabins is not just about making a seat but creating unique 'spaces' where passengers can eat, sleep, work and relax... with those spaces changing during the flight to suite different stages of the trip.
Jamco's proposed layout allows for three twin-suites per row, which airlines could sell as single rooms or double rooms, similar to the hotel industry.
Flying solo? You've got plenty of room to yourself.
High-flying couples can share the same suite, which can be reconfigured by sliding the wall panels and table on rails to turn the space into a sitting room, a double bed or a dining room.
Jamco has mapped out a number of possible suite designs...
... which can incorporate adjacent suites...
... to become a larger four-person dinging room...
... or, perhaps in the case of two unoccupied suites, a casual and inviting lounge area where first class flyers can socialise.
Each suite is fitted with a 40 inch ultra-HD 4K screen...
... with programmable LED lighting overhead, which once again changes to suit each part of the journey and suite configuration. 
Other advanced flourishes include directional speakers, wireless charging for smartphones and tablets, plus a wall-mounted humidifier to keep the suite feeling fresh and comfortable.
Jamco aims to have its Space X suites ready to fly by mid-2018.

New Space X first class suites built for high-flying couples...

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